Friday, November 21, 2008

Stars Clubbed by Blackhawks - More Problems?

Last night the Dallas Stars hosted the Chicago Blackhawks, and after playing one of the most solid first periods of the year, they proceeded to allow the Hawks back into the game and then let them run away with it in the third period. As much as they dominated the first period, they were dominated in the latter portions of the second and most of the third. So, without beating a dead horse, how do the Stars correct this? Are they able to?

All along, I've said that I don't think that firing Dave Tippett will have the effect that fans calling for his head want. But, it's getting to the point where the team will be forced to do it just to show that no one is safe. I'd hate to see that happen, because I think Tippett is the right man for this team...but maybe the players have stopped listening to him. He didn't seem to be inspiring much between periods.

And, although a couple of the goals Marty Turco surrendered last night could hardly be his fault, there were a couple that were clearly stoppable. I am thinking mainly of the one that beat him five-hole from about twenty feet away. That's a stop he has always made and isn't making now. Without a reliable backup to lean on, it's a gamble handing the reigns over to young Tobias Stephan...but how can we do worse? I think it's time to bench Marty and let him know that this isn't his team. He's lost that. When he wants to put the focus and intensity back into his game, and show that he wants to be the Stars netminder again, then we can talk about him being the starting goaltender again. But I think this approach would give him the kick in the rear end he needs. Nothing else has worked for him. Hit him in the pride and see if he reacts - I bet he will.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Serious Lapse in Posts

Sorry for the outage in posting, hockey fans. I took the easy way out when illness and busy schedules hit my family's household, and cut back on the blogging. WAY back. But, I'll be back at the helm here again, and looking forward to posting more thoughts and news, and looking forward to hearing from you! Please comment away, or feel free to drop me a message on my twitter account!